Where Is Cannabis Cup 2016?

The first-ever HIGH TIMES U.S. Cannabis Cup & Carnival in San Bernardino was a wonderful and colorful weekend. This time, there were a lot of great submissions, but these were chosen as the best of the best!

Similarly, Can anyone go to a Cannabis Cup?

Cannabis Cups are available to anybody 21 or older in recreational states, and smoking is permitted! The event is available to all individuals 18 and up in medical states, but you must have a valid medical card or referral to enter the medicating section, where smoking is allowed.

Also, it is asked, When did the Cannabis Cup start?

Secondly, How much does a High Times Judge kit cost?

The kits will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and will include up to 35 different cannabis products. They range in price from $100 to $300. Do you want to be alerted when a judge is appointed?

Also, Where is The Emerald Cup 2022?


People also ask, Who won the 2021 Emerald Cup?

Monterey Kush Co Gelato 41, Monterey Kush Co., Monterey Kush Co., Monterey Kush Co., Monterey Kush Co., Montere

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Where is The Emerald Cup?

The location for the venue is 1615 Vine St, Hollywood, CA 90028.

Who owns The Emerald Cup?

Tim Blake, the company’s founder

How much is The Emerald Cup?

Tickets are only available to those above the age of 21. The Emerald Cup will be hosted at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA, and tickets start at $89 at https://theemeraldcup.com. It is named after the Emerald Triangle growing area in Northern California’s Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity counties.

How many people attend The Emerald Cup?

Zapien, a native of Shasta County, was attending his first Emerald Cup Harvest Ball, Northern California’s biggest annual cannabis festival, which was expected to draw 30,000 people during the two-day weekend event. On Saturday, a single-day admittance ticket cost $75.

When was the first Emerald Cup?

What is The Emerald Cup Harvest Ball?

The Emerald Cup Harvest Ball will be held in Santa Rosa on December 11 and 12, and this year’s event will focus on small, artisan cannabis farms.

What strain is Gelonade?

Gelonade’s Background TasteBudz Seeds created Gelonade, a delectable cookie-like, lemon-drenched strain from a delightful cross of Gelato #41 and Lemon Tree (commonly known as “Lemon Tree Kush“).

Is Gelonade Indica or Sativa?

Gelonade is a calming high that starts in your brain and makes its way down your body as the buzz grows. It received first place in the Cannabis Cup’s Sativa flower category. Critics and cannasseurs alike laud its acidic, gassy aroma, which is followed by a fruity citrus, soapy flavor.


The “northern california Cannabis Cup 2022” is a major annual event that takes place in northern California. The first Cannabis Cup was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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The “amsterdam cup” is a cannabis-themed festival that takes place in Amsterdam every year. The 2016 edition of the event took place on November 24th and 25th, but it’s not clear if the event will take place again in 2017.

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