How to Feminize Cannabis Seeds

Looking to produce female-only plants from your cannabis seeds? Here’s a guide on how to feminize cannabis seeds to help you get started.

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Feminized cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for growers who don’t want to bother with sexing their plants. When you buy feminized seeds, you know that every plant that sprouts will be female.

Female cannabis plants are the ones that produce the buds that we all love to smoke, so it only makes sense that you would want your grow operation to be filled with as many females as possible.

Unfortunately, regular cannabis seed can produce both male and female plants, and unless you are an experienced grower, it can be very difficult to tell the difference between the two until it’s too late. This is why feminized seeds have become so popular in recent years.

So how do you feminize cannabis seeds? Read on to find out!

The Importance of Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that have been bred to only produce female plants. This is important because only female plants produce bud/flowers that can be smoked. Male plants are only good for producing pollen, which is used to fertilize female plants so that they can produce seeds.

Why You Should Use Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are specially bred to ensure that they will only grow into female cannabis plants. This is important for growers who want to avoid having any male plants in their crop, as males can pollinate females and reduce the quality and yield of the final product.

There are a few different ways to produce feminized seeds, but the most common is to treat regular Seeds with gibberellic acid or silver thiosulfate. This process usually results in a higher percentage of female plants (99% or more), which is why feminized seeds are often seen as a more efficient option for growers.

Another advantage of using feminized seeds is that they can help simplify the grow process, as you won’t have to worry about identifying and removing male plants. This can be a time-consuming task, especially for first-time growers, and it’s one that can be easily avoided by using feminized seeds.

If you’re looking to produce high-quality cannabis without any males in your crop, then feminized seeds are definitely worth considering.

How Feminized Seeds Are Made

Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to contain no male chromosomes, ensuring that every plant grown from them will be female. Some growers prefer feminized seeds because they eliminate the need to sex their plants, which can save time and labor. Other growers choose feminized seeds to avoid pollinating their crop, which can reduce its quality or yield.

To create feminized seeds, growers start with two female plants. They then force one of the plants to produce pollen, which is collected and used to fertilize the other plant. The resulting seeds are feminized because they inherit only female chromosomes from their parents.

While feminized seeds are a great option for many growers, it’s important to keep in mind that they come with a few potential drawbacks. For example, some growers worry that feminized seeds may be less vigorous than regular Seeds or that they may be more susceptible to certain diseases or pests. However, these concerns are largely unfounded and feminized Seeds are just as likely to be healthy and productive as any other kind of Seed.

How to Feminize Cannabis Seeds

There are many ways to feminize cannabis seeds. The most popular method is to use a colloidal silver solution. You can also use hormones, such as gibberellic acid or ethephon. You can also use a method called Rodelization, where you allow the female plant to be pollinated by a male plant.

The Rodelization Method

The Rodelization method is mainly used as a last resort to feminize seeds. It is not as effective as the other methods, but it is the easiest and most low-tech way to do it. Rodelization only works with photoperiod plants, not auto-flowering ones.

Here’s how it works: you allow your female plants to continue growing past maturity and into their 12th week. Once they enter this stage, you stop giving them any nitrogen-rich fertilizers and instead give them a phosphorus-heavy fertilizer. This change in nutrients throws off the plant’s hormone balance and causes some of the flowers to turn into pollen sacs.

You then have to carefully watch your plants for these sacs and once they appear, you need to remove them immediately so that they don’t pollinate your other female flowers. The pollen from these sacs can be used to fertilize other female flowers, which will then produce seedless (sinsemilla) buds.

The Colloidal Silver Method

Many growers prefer to feminize their own cannabis seeds, as it guarantees that they will get female plants. Female plants are the ones that produce buds, which contain high levels of THC.

The most popular way to feminize seeds is by using the colloidal silver method. You will need:
– A mister or small spray bottle
– Colloidal silver (can be bought online or at a health food store)
– Clean water
– Cannabis seeds

Here’s how to do it:
1. Fill your mister or small spray bottle with clean water.
2. Add 20-25 ml of colloidal silver for each liter of water.
3. Mix well and make sure the colloidal silver is fully dissolved.
4. Place your cannabis seeds in a single layer on a plate or tray.
5. mist the seeds with the colloidal silver solution until they are evenly coated but not dripping wet.
6. Allow the seeds to dry in a dark, humid place for 12-24 hours until the solution is no longer visible on the seeds.
7. Plant your feminized cannabis seeds as you would any other seed.

The Gibberellic Acid Method

Although it’s possible to buy feminized cannabis seeds, some growers prefer to produce their own. Feminized seeds are produced by forcing female plants to produce pollen, which is then used to fertilize other females. The resulting offspring are almost always female and will produce only female plants when they are grown.

One popular method of producing feminized seeds is known as the Gibberellic Acid method. Gibberellic acid is a hormone found in plants that regulates growth and development. When Gibberellic acid is applied to female cannabis plants, it can cause them to produce male flowers that contain viable pollen.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the Gibberellic Acid method to feminize cannabis seeds:

1. Start with healthy, mature female plants that are at least 6 weeks old.

2. Cut off a small branch from each plant and place it in a container of water.

3. Add a drop or two of liquid Gibberellic acid to the water and stir gently until it is evenly distributed.

4. Place the branches back on the plants, making sure that the leaves come into contact with the solution.

5. Wait 3-5 days, then check the branches for signs of male flowers (tiny sacs that contain pollen). If you see any pollen sacs, remove them immediately so that they don’t pollinate the rest of the plant.

6. Once the male flowers have appeared, wait another week or two until they are fully developed, then harvest them and use them to fertilize other female plants.


We hope you have enjoyed this guide on how to feminize cannabis seeds. Remember, the key to success is to start with healthy, high-quality seeds and to use a method that you are comfortable with. With a little practice, you will be able to produce a nice crop of evenly feminine plants.

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