How Long Does it Take For Cannabis Seeds to Sprout?

Learn how long it takes for cannabis seeds to sprout and the different variables that can affect the germination process.

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It takes anywhere from 3-21 days for cannabis seeds to sprout, with the majority of seeds sprouting within 7-10 days. The time it takes for your seeds to germinate will depend on a few different factors, such as the type of seed, the quality of the seed, the conditions under which they are being germinated, and more.

The Process of Germination

Cannabis seeds will usually germinate within 7-10 days, given the right conditions are met. The conditions that must be met are a moist paper towel or 2, a dark and warm place, and preferably with a little bit of bottom heat.

Soaking the Seeds

The process of germination begins when the seed absorbs water and swells. This signals to the plant that it’s time to start growing. The length of time it takes for a cannabis seed to sprout varies depending on the type of seed, but it’s generally pretty quick—anywhere from 12 hours to a few days.

To soak your seeds, simply place them in a cup or shot glass and add enough distilled water to cover them. You can also add a drop of one% hydrogen peroxide to the water, which will help prevent mold and bacteria from forming. Let the seeds soak for 12-24 hours, then drain off the water and place them on a paper towel to dry.

Once your seeds are dry, they’re ready to be planted.

Planting the Seeds

The process of germination is relatively simple and only requires a few household items. You will need:

-Cannabis seeds
-A planting medium (soil, Rockwool, coco coir, etc.)
-A container (pot, tray, cup, etc.)

Fill your container with your chosen planting medium and then moisten it with water. You want the medium to be moist, but not soaked. Then, using your finger or a small spoon, make a small indent in the medium and drop in 1-2 seeds. Be sure to space your seeds out so they have room to grow. Once all your seeds are in the container, cover them with another layer of moistened planting medium.

Place the container in an area where it will receive indirect light and keep the temperature around 21°C (70°F). Check on your seeds daily to make sure the planting medium stays moist. After 3-7 days, you should see little sprouts poking through the surface of the medium. Once they appear, remove the cover so they can get some fresh air.

The Time Frame

It takes anywhere from 3-10 days for cannabis seeds to sprout. The time frame is completely dependent on the type of seed, as well as the conditions in which they are kept. For example, if the seeds are kept in a warm and humid environment, they will sprout much faster than if they are kept in a cool and dry environment.

When to Expect Germination

You can expect to see taproots emerging within 2-10 days after planting your seeds. The rate of germination varies depending on the strain of cannabis, but most seeds will break through the soil within a week. Once the taproots appear, they will begin to grow rapidly, so it’s important to have a pot with plenty of room for the roots to spread out. After about a week, you should see the first set of true leaves emerge from the soil. From seed to sprout, the entire process usually takes 2-3 weeks.


It can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week for cannabis seeds to sprout. The time it takes for your seeds to sprout will depend on how old they are, what strain they are, and what conditions they are being germinated in.

If you are patient, and provide your seeds with the optimal conditions for germination, you should see them sprout within a week. If you don’t see them sprout within 2 weeks, it is likely that they are not viable and you should start over with new seeds.

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