Can You Smoke Male Cannabis?

Curious about whether you can smoke male cannabis? The answer is a little complicated – find out more in this blog post!

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Cannabis plants are either male or female, with males producing the pollen needed to fertilize the females’ flowers and create seeds. Male cannabis plants are often considered unwanted by growers because they don’t produce any buds, but some people do enjoy smoking them. Keep reading to learn more about male cannabis plants and whether or not you can smoke them.

The Different Types of Male Cannabis

Male cannabis plants are usually considered to be of lower quality than female plants, as they do not produce buds. However, some growers believe that male cannabis plants have their own unique set of benefits.

There are two main types of male cannabis plants: Ruderalis and Sativa. Ruderalis plants are small and bushy, with narrow leaves. They are often used for hemp production due to their high CBD content. Sativa plants are taller and thinner, with broader leaves. They are used for their THC-rich buds.

Both Ruderalis and Sativa plants can be used to produce hemp or marijuana, depending on the strain. However, only female cannabis plants produce buds, so males are typically removed from the growing area before flowering begins.

The Pros and Cons of Smoking Male Cannabis

Male cannabis plants are often thought of as useless by those who don’t know better. After all, they don’t produce the coveted buds that we all love to smoke. However, male cannabis plants do have their uses, and some people actually prefer to smoke them over females. Here are the pros and cons of smoking male cannabis.

-The buds of a male cannabis plant are usually more potent than those of a female. This is because males produce more THC than females.
-Males also tend to have higher levels of CBD, which can provide additional medical benefits.
-Smoking male cannabis can provide a more cerebral and uplifting high, as opposed to the body-heavy high produced by female buds.

-Because they don’t produce buds, male plants are generally not worth growing for most people.
-Smoking male cannabis can sometimes result in a harsher smoke due to the higher levels of THC.

How to Smoke Male Cannabis

It is possible to smoke male cannabis, but it is not recommended. Male cannabis plants contain lower levels of THC, the psychoactive compound that produces the high associated with smoking cannabis. Male plants also tend to have a more intense, green taste that some smokers find unpleasant.


So, can you smoke male cannabis? In short, yes. Male cannabis plants contain many of the same compounds as female plants, including THC. However, male plants typically have lower concentrations of THC than female plants. Male plants also tend to have higher concentrations of CBD. Therefore, smoking male cannabis may produce different effects than smoking female cannabis. If you’re interested in trying male cannabis, be sure to check your state’s laws regarding possession and consumption first.

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